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Orin Rutchick  graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 1974 with a BFA degree in photography and graphic design.

Over the following years he's gained knowledge through his experience as an editorial photographer and art director, creative director and entrepreneur founding Mpls Photo Center in 2008 and now Berkeley Photo Center in 2016.

With over 50 years as a photographer, and in my many positions in the visual arts, Orin knows the path a photographer should take, from research, to concept, concept to project, project to production, and production to portfolio and, or exhibit.

I founded Berkeley Photo Center to provide creative tools for all photographers to help take their personal vision from concept to print. BPC offers East Bay photographers one on one mentoring. Photographers are mentored to help their need to conceive, develop and execute photography projects. In addition to our help in completing your project, we walk you through the steps in developing and producing a professional photography portfolio.

The best way to learn photography is not sitting in a classroom with nine others, but class sessions that focus on your personal needs.

Our classes are One to One and are scheduled on your availability. We focus on what you know and need to know to achieve your particular goal. Any part of photography, any genre you wish to pursue. The class is $100 for the first two hours, $150 for four hours and $25 for every hour after that. My intent is to mentor you through your development in photography.